14th April

Hello there!

Well... it has been a hot minute since I was last here but I'm back and here to stay. I'm kicking things off with 5 designs including 2 new ones and I also have some fab gift sets.

There are VERY limited numbers of each design and I won't be reprinting these fabrics this year so if you like them then you should grab them while you can!

As always the designs come from independant artists/ pattern designers and many are exclusive to Dear Green Reads in the colours you see so you will not be able to buy them elsewhere.

I plan to add one or two designs each month and can't wait to show you what else I have lined up this year.

Other than that... we welcomed a new baby girl in October and after a rocky start she is moving through chemotherapy like a trooper and has settled in with her older brothers and sister. Home life remains loud and busy and just the way we like it.

So that brings you up to speed for 6 months the I've been gone.

Head on over to the insta page @deargreenreads and let me know what you've up to and what you think of the range available today.

♥️ Nicola